Why is a computer recommended for the 75 Hour Certificate Program?

Our Recommendation – access to a computer with high speed internet.

We recommend having access to a computer for the 75 hour program as there are a few assignments in the program that require word-processing, editing and can be time consuming. If you do not have access to a keyboard, this can be an added challenge. So that is why we recommend access to a computer with high speed internet.

Access to high speed internet is vital.

Other devices

Please note all elements of the learning program and the website are mobile and tablet accessible.

Many of our teachers in training will use both computer and tablets depending on the activity or assignment. For example, doing written assignments or quizzes with a computer whilst using a tablet or phone for participation in live events or doing the many practices. But there is no need to have various devices. Also, you can always use a common computer (e.g. in an internet cafe) for assignments that require more word-processing.

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