Interested in learning about Oncology Yoga?
Take a 5 Hour Short Course!

Our 5 hour course will provide the fundamentals of this evidence based yoga intervention used by thousands of yoga professionals, cancer centers and hospitals worldwide.

In the 5 Hour Short Course will learn:

  • The impact of cancer treatments and their side effects on a cancer survivor well-being and long-term survival
  • How to identify ways that yoga – specifically Oncology Yoga – can be used to manage side effects and improve quality of life
  • Why Oncology Yoga is recommended and how to achieve this higher standard of care
  • How to be aware of appropriate and inappropriate yoga practices, asanas and language for cancer patients and survivors

Taught by Tari Prinster, founder of yoga4cancer. Offered in partnerships with Give Back Yoga Foundation. Tuition is $149 – special offer below!

Sample Video:
What is the Immune System?

‘What is the immune and how does it work?’ This is just one of the many lecture videos included in the 5 hour course. Also there are many practice sessions so you can put the theory of Oncology Yoga into practice for yourself.

Get Certified in Oncology Yoga!

The 5 Hour Short Course is a great start but to be a certified Oncology Yoga teacher, you need more trainings, experience, support and evidence to be safe and effective.

Our 75 hour certificate program is the renown program for any yoga professional wanting to be certified in Oncology Yoga and have the full set of skills and knowledge to support cancer survivors.

The 5 Hour Short Course will ignite your interest and foundation. However, you can not get the level of detail in a 75 hour – a 6 month program – into a 5 hour course. It will indeed be helpful for those already trained looking for a refresher, those considering becoming certified or just the curious.

Graduates of the short course will be provided a discount to participate in the 75 hour Certificate program to recognize their commitment and financial investment. 


Yoga for Cancer – The Book

Tari Prinster literally wrote the book on Oncology Yoga.

As published in 2014, ‘Yoga for Cancer: A Guide to Managing Side Effects, Boosting Immunity, and Improving Recovery for Cancer Survivors’ is the leading book to support cancer patients and survivors to manage their recovery. With all 5-Star reviews, its a perfect complement to any daily practice.