Watching Recorded Videos – Online Programs and Courses

There are many different videos throughout the Certificate Program. Some are yoga4cancer pre-recorded or we have curated content from 3rd party experts. Please keep the following in mind when you are interacting with videos:

  • Various control levels – The videos are set up in various ways to encourage participation and review. All videos have a play and pause function. You may be required to watch some videos in full – no skipping content!
  • Watching the FULL video is required or you will not be able to progress. Some videos have music or just blank space at the end. If you stop the video OR try to progress before it ends, you will not be able to click the “Mark Complete” button, or it appears grey instead of green, or it is not visible. This is because you have not completed the video or other required assignments. If you have watched the entire video, but still cannot progress, be sure that the video cursor is dragged to the very end of the video. This is especially useful if you revisit a topic that you have already completed and only need to select the “Mark Complete” button.
  • Active Videos – Several videos will require you to participate and practice yoga.  These are well marked and advice is provided. For these videos, you should plan on using the ‘Full Screen’ option to watch the videos and participate in the yoga practice.
  • Videos playing with no sound – All our videos have sound, but we often get messages that people can’t hear anything. This is a common issue for people using iPhones and iPads, as those devices automatically mute any video. You must check and adjust the volume settings on your device as necessary. Please investigate based on your device and operating system prior to reaching out to us for help.
  • Error Messages – Some people have restrictions on their web browsers to view certain videos. These are not settings under our control. If you get an error message, please investigate the error (aka ask google!) and explore your settings.
  • Transcripts and Closed Captioning – For longer, lecture based videos, transcripts are provided. These are located in the “Materials” tab when applicable. Closed Captioning (CC) is also available for additional support. Please select the CC in the video bar to access options.

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