What is included in the Certificate Program?

There are five components of the program:

  1. Online Modules – include videos, quizzes, worksheets, assignments, activities, classes and more. They are accessible 24/7 and completion is self-paced.
  2. Manual – A 260 page manual will be provided to download in Module 1.
  3. Experience – Learn first-hand through practice, reflection and discussion.
  4. Discussion – Opportunity to ask questions, interact and create community.
  5. Teaching Practicum – The assignment wherein the theory and application of Oncology Yoga meet.

All elements of the program are managed through this online system. Please get comfortable with the system, elements of your Profile, make note of your username and password, and be sure to use this Orientation as a guide throughout your program – now and in the future.

Yoga Prop Requirements

The yoga4cancer Method employs copious yoga props. Props support individuals to ensure that practice is safe, effective and accessible. Throughout the program, you will learn more about why yoga props are important and how you can use them.

For the Teaching Practicum, the adequate use of props is a requirement for both you and your practicum participants (more details on the practicum are provided later in the Orientation). Therefore, it is important to identify or source yoga props that you can use early in the training.

Yoga Mat
Yoga Blocks
(minimum of 4)
Paper towels, books, DVD towers – Instructions provided in Module #1
BlanketsAny household blanket or heavy towels
BolsterCouch or chair cushion, folded thick bed quilt or blanket on books.
StrapBelts, scarves and exercise bands
Chair or Stool

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