Programs for professionals

Turn your compassion into safe and effective support.

Yoga Certificate Program

Pre-Register for 2024

Advanced Oncology Yoga certification for yoga professionals. 75 hour program is conducted over 6 months and is fully online. Offered Annually.

5 Hour Oncology Course

Coming July 2023

Launching in July 2023 with Give Back Yoga University. A 5 hour course to learn the foundation of Oncology Yoga.


Oncology Yoga Professionals are required.

Yoga seems an obvious path for cancer patients and survivors coping with difficult treatments and their ongoing side effects. In fact, oncologists and cancer organizations are recommending yoga and exercise as part of cancer recovery and management.


Yoga is as scientific as it is spiritual.

The body of evidence on the therapeutic effects of yoga interventions for cancer patients and survivors is robust and growing. A literature search on “yoga” and “cancer” in the U.S. National Library of Medicine (PubMed) yielded 435 results, including observational studies, systematic reviews, and clinical trials. Although a full literature review is beyond the scope of this paper, the studies summarized here suggest yoga can not only help adult cancer patients and survivors manage symptoms and side effects, but also help them lead longer, healthier lives.