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Oncology Yoga Certificate Program

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Advanced Oncology Yoga certification for yoga professionals. The 75 hour program is conducted over 6 months and is fully online. Offered Annually.

5 Hour Oncology Yoga Course

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In partnership with Give Back Yoga University, we are offering a 5 hour online workshop to teach the foundation of Oncology Yoga. Available now.

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Non-Yoga Professional Program

Many non-yoga teaching professionals (nurses, doctors, massage therapists, occupational therapists etc) have been interested in our Certificate Program in the past. Also, cancer survivors with an active practice often want to participate to deepen their practice. Neither have intentions of teaching others.

We are developing a program designed with that community. If you are interested and want to provide some input, learn more and pre-register now!

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Oncology Yoga Professionals are required.

Yoga seems an obvious path for cancer patients and survivors coping with difficult treatments and their ongoing side effects. In fact, oncologists and cancer organizations are recommending yoga and exercise as part of cancer recovery and management.


Yoga is as scientific as it is spiritual.

Yoga Interventions for Cancer Patients and Survivors is a robust review of existing research on the benefits of yoga for cancer patients and survivors and how yoga manages short- and long-term side effects faced by most cancer survivors. It was developed by a team of medical writers, oncologist, researchers and yoga4cancer team.  And it is also an initial guide to healthcare professionals on how to include a yoga intervention in their institution. Our hope is that the document is circulated and put in the hands of every doctor, nurse, hospital administrator, caregiver, yoga professional and cancer survivor. Hope is not a plan; yoga can be.

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