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75 Hour Certificate Program

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Advanced Oncology Yoga certification for yoga professionals. The 75 hour program is conducted over 6 months and is fully online. Trained over 3,000 teachers globally. Offered annually.

5 Hour Oncology Yoga 'Short' Course

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In partnership with Give Back Yoga University, this 5 hour online course provides an introduction to Oncology Yoga. Get started now!.

Introduction to Oncology Yoga

Watch the replay of a recent webinar hosted by Tari Prinster and the yoga4cancer Team. Learn about Oncology Yoga and explore upcoming programs & workshops. 

This FREE event is designed for professionals who are interested in learning more about how yoga can provide a safe and effective way to support cancer patients and survivors. 


Oncology Yoga Professionals are required.

Yoga seems an obvious path for cancer patients and survivors coping with difficult treatments and their ongoing side effects. In fact, oncologists and cancer organizations are recommending yoga and exercise as part of cancer recovery and management.

Non-Yoga Professional Program

Many non-yoga teaching professionals (nurses, doctors, massage therapists, occupational therapists etc) have been interested in our Certificate Program. Also, cancer survivors with an active practice often want to participate to deepen their practice. Neither have intentions of teaching others. We are developing a program designed with that community. Learn more and pre-register now!

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Yoga Interventions for Cancer Patients and Survivors

A robust review of existing research on the impact of yoga on cancer survivors and patients and the short- and long-term side effects cancer survivors face. Plus an initial guide to healthcare professionals on how to include a yoga intervention in their institution.


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