Using Smart Phones and Tablets

Our website is fully accessible from all up to date devices including smart phones, tablets, computers and beyond. Our events, classes and programs can be accessed. However, the user experience may differ and for program that require word processing (e.g. writing of essays and forms), we recommend using a computer or a tablet / phone with a keyboard.

Please see details and suggestions below:

  • Computers are required for participation in the Certificate Program. This was detailed in the Program Terms and Conditions.
  • Participants are encouraged to use a computer or a tablet or phone with a keyboard for some assignments (e.g. worksheets). This will make completing the assignments easier and likely prevent loss of valuable work.
  • Some links or downloads will open new website browser links to the content. For example, if you are watching a video and then look to download the transcript, that download button could open a new browser window with the downloaded transcript. The video will still be accessible in another window. Based on your device and / or the website browser, how to access either of those windows (or pages) changes. Please be sure to understand or review the processes of your devices and / or browser.

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