Missing emails?! Tips to prevent and manage.

Many emails are going into Spam or Junk for our community members. Ours to you.. and yours to us.

You must take action to prevent and manage!

Due to increasing email spam filters employed by most email providers, emails to and from us will often go into Spam or Junk folders. This can happen after many years of successful receipt of emails. It is very frustrating to everyone and we want to make sure you are aware and working to resolve.

If you are a participant of a program or classes, these emails are essential to your participation, progress and management. We are unable to do anything but advise you on steps to take to prevent or manage. You must take action to ensure that you receive the emails.

Tips to Prevent Missing Emails
  1. Save ‘info@yoga4cancer.com’ email to your email address book.
  2. Continuously check your Spam or Junk folder for any emails. Mark emails as ‘Not Junk or Spam’ if any are found in those folders.
  3. Gmail accounts – Please look in your ‘Promotions’ folder. Please star or move those emails into your Inbox.
  4. Research how your individual email provider enables you to mark our emails as Important or Safe.
  5. For Program Participants. After each assignment, many quizzes or registration to live events in the program, you will receive an email confirmation. Look for these. This is an excellent way to understand if there is a email block on our emails.
  6. Large government or education or hospital institutions. These organizations have even higher level of filters and often put any group emails into ‘quarantine’ or just simply block. We strongly encourage you to use another emails for the program. Or talk to your IT department.
  7. Did you Unsubscribe? If you have unsubscribed from receiving emails (via a click on an historic email or via a service), we will not be able to send you certain emails. This is part of the way email providers or systems prevent spam. The only way to re-add you to ensure you get your emails from us is for your to subscribe again. Use this link.
A few notes or considerations:
  • Please review all guidance provided before sending a support request as we will likely suggest these steps as a first point of triage.
  • We have limited or no control over issues with Spam filters. We rely on you to prevent. Please know we share your frustration as this is an ongoing issue that we must ask our students to help manage.
  • Sometimes these issues will start after years of working properly. This is likely to due with changes from your email provider. Reviewing the above is always necessary.

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