Managing progress through the Online Program including Mark Complete, Next Topic, etc.

There could be various reasons for this. Almost all can be problem solved with no interaction from the yoga4cancer team. Please review the below as it should help you identify what is causing the issue.

Have you completed all tasks on the program topic page?

  • Is there a worksheet? All worksheets must be completed at least ONCE to progress to the next topic. If you have not successfully submitted and received a confirmation email and message, you will not be able to proceed. You do not need to submit more than once so if you have submitted the associated worksheet this is not the issue.
  • Is there a video in the Topic? If so, you must be have watched the entire video to the end. Even seconds of video left could prevent your progress. If you navigate off the page or try to proceed in the program with 5 secs left, the video will not be registered as completed and your progress will be blocked. You can use the video player tools and functions to fast forward if in doubt.

Are you Online? Or is your WIFI unstable? Please run a speed test to assess your WIFI.

Is there a Mark Complete Button?

Throughout the online program, you will see ‘Mark Complete’ buttons. They are both at the bottom – with Next Topic and Past Topic buttons. Or there is a Mark Complete at the top next to your ‘Hello, Admin’ (e.g. your name).

Clicking these when you are done with a Topic might be required. Sometime, the module is automatically completed by your actions. But if you are unable to proceed, look for this.

If the Mark Complete is not green but is grey, that means you have not fully completed a task. See above recommendations.

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