Yoga Props ensure safety, comfort and efficacy.

Oncology Yoga utilizes both traditional yoga props and more creative, low cost options. The goal of ‘yoga props’ is to ensure that any yoga practice is safe, accessible and beneficial. Before we explain the ‘why’ of yoga props, lets review our recommendations:

Recommended Yoga Props

  • Yoga Mat – not soft cushy, exercise mat
  • Hardwood floor best, carpet ok, avoid tile
  • Yoga blocks or review our DIY block instruction video available
  • Chair or stool
  • Blankets – these can be yoga blankets or general home blankets.
  • Bolster – thick bed quilt, folded blankets on books, chair cushions are alternatives
  • Strap – belts, scarves, exercise bands are alternatives
  • Towel

Why is using yoga props important?

  • Supports compromised bodies.
  • Encourages proper body alignment.
  • Enables all levels of flexibility to achieve the encouraged movements.
  • Helps you to ease into poses gradually.
  • Helps you to avoid over-stretching your muscles or putting too much pressure on your joints.
  • Gives your body a little extra support allows your body to relax.

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