The Yoga Hour – Podcast Interview with Tari

Host: Dr. Laurel Trujillo on July 15, 2021

How can yoga practice address the specific physical and emotional needs of cancer patients and survivors? Tari Prinster, founder of yoga4cancer, discusses the science and benefits of yoga for cancer patients and survivors and the tools to create a safe home yoga practice.

Tari Prinster is a cancer survivor, master yoga teacher, author of the book Yoga for Cancer, and founder of Yoga For Cancer and of the Yoga for Cancer Foundation which bring Oncology Yoga to cancer survivors worldwide. Her organization has trained over 3000 yoga teachers in the US and abroad and and provided help to tens of thousands of cancer survivors.

THE YOGA HOUR TEAM COMMENTS: Another very important and engaging program. The discussion of how the practices of yoga postures (asanas) and pranayama are shown in scientific studies as an important adjunct to cancer treatment confirms what many yoga practitioners have experienced for a long time. As a long time yoga practitioner and teacher, Tari Prinster has focused on the benefits of yoga for cancer in a way that makes a lot of sense and is easily accessible to all. Dr. Trujillo’s experience as a physician and yogi really enhanced the conversation.

COMMENTS FROM DR. TRUJILLO: This program has great information for our listeners as cancer touches so many lives and families today. I thought Tari’s two mantras of “Cancer steals your breath and yoga gives it back” and “Yoga is as scientific as it is spiritual” were both uplifting and inspiring.

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