Oncology Yoga Certificate Program Scholarships

Apply by October 10th

In 2024, we are able to offer 5 scholarships each for $900 to participate in the 75 Hour Certificate Program. These funds have been provided by private donations and fundraising campaigns. We are always looking for support. Donate here.

Our scholarships are highly competitive. On average, we are only able to provide scholarships to less than 10% of all applicants. We wish we could do more and we fundraise year-round to support as many individuals as we can.

We also recognize that these partial scholarships leave a balance of up to $599 for the recipient and that can create a barrier to participation. We encourage all participants to investigate other ways to fund the program or remaining tuition costs. It is possible. It just takes work and commitment. Many past graduates have successfully raised funds directly through employers, local non-profits, friends and family. Please review self fundraising options here.

Who Should Apply for Scholarships?

Recipients are determined based on the below criteria. It is not a requirement for each recipient to fulfill all of the below requirements:

  • Experienced yoga professionals with at least 1 year of teaching experience.
  • Individuals who face financial challenges and seek assistance to afford training are encouraged to apply. Household income will be a measure of need.
  • Individuals from marginalized communities (e.g. BIPOC, ethnically diverse and LGBTQ) are encouraged to apply.
  • Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to advocate for Oncology Yoga within their local healthcare institutions, cancer centers, yoga studios and community centers.
  • Recipients of the Scholarship must adhere to the Program Terms and Conditions including the technology, deadlines and completion requirements.
  • Recipients must register and pay the remaining program tuition (amount due up to $599).
  • Program registration must be completed by deadlines provided – 7 days upon award notification.
  • All other costs – technology, yoga supplies etc – are not included in the cost of the program, nor covered by the training scholarship.

About the 75 Hour Certificate Program

Our renowned certificate program has been expanded to 75 hours and includes the latest research, additional training content and resources. The program is a prerequisite to working with cancer patients and survivors in your community.

The yoga4cancer Certification Program is delivered over 6 months through online & distance learning with carefully constructed videos, assignments, webinars, homework, practices, quizzes, discussions, mentor support and more. The program format is designed for busy yoga and healthcare professionals who want to gain certification to safely and effectively support cancer survivors in their communities.

Tuition for the 75 hour Certificate Program is up to $1,699. Please review all details of the program prior to applying for the scholarship here.

2024 Scholarships Application

Apply by October 10th

Application is now closed.

Donations required!

We rely on the financial support of foundations and grants to offset the costs of the program and to provide these scholarships. Without this generous support, we would not be able to operate and provide this invaluable Oncology Yoga training. We ask for our community to contribute as much as possible.  Please consider donating or supporting via a crowd-fundraising campaign.