Rest & Restore with Supported Fish

Special Benefits:

  • Increase chest muscles range of motion
  • Improve breath fluidity and awareness through chest opening
  • Deep relaxation due to gentle support

Practice Level:  All Levels

Props needed: Two blocks, two blankets, optional eye pillow

  • Place one block horizontally across the mat on the lowest level, and place a second block twelve inches behind the first block (at the head end of mat) on the medium level. Set a folded blanket on each side of the head end of your mat. Have the eye pillow within reach.
  • Sit in the center of the mat. Bend knees, placing the soles of feet on the mat, and begin lowering back onto your elbows. Rest the bottom tips of shoulderblades (bra strap area) on the low block. Support your head with the higher block, adjusting the location of the head block as needed.
  • Extend your legs. Arrange the eye pillow over your eyes. Rest your arms comfortably on the floor in a cactus shape. Use blankets to support the arms if needed. Let your body release into the support of your props. No need for effort here! Let this be a time to soften and feel nourished.
  • Stay for three to five minutes.
  • To come out of the pose, bend your knees and place the soles of your feet on the mat, and carefully roll off your props to one side, bringing yourself up to sit.


If you feel discomfort in the low back, try placing a bolster or rolled blanket across the mat under your knees in a bent position for support.

While your arms are in a cactus position, both arms should be fully supported, with the backs of your hands and forearms forming a straight line. If needed, create a wedge with the folded blanket to support the forearm and wrist on an angle. If one arm reaches the floor in a cactus shape but the other does not, be sure to prop both arms equally.

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