Certificate Program - Self Study Pilot

Apply by August 1st​

We are introducing invitation-only program option for our 75 Hour Certificate Program in 2024.  This pilot program is a ‘Self Study’ option of our standard 75 Hour Certificate Program that has been running for 20 years.  

The below outlines the program. Upon reviewing the material,  if you believe the program is a good option for you, please apply by August 1st 2024. The program will start on September 3rd, 2024.  Please review all material prior to applying

The goal of this pilot is to assess whether a fully self-study cohort of this program can maintain the quality of the educational experience and comprehension of our trainees whilst offering a lower-touch or more efficient program. As online learning has increased globally, we have witnessed that some recent trainees are able to participate in the program with little oversight and are successful in both the program and their Oncology Yoga work after completion. If we are able to achieve this, it would allow the program to be offered contiguously, extend to more languages, and, ultimately, we would be able to support more cancer patients and survivors globally. However, we do not want to compromise on the quality of our training nor the comprehension of our teachers – the cancer survivors we serve deserve the highest level of expertise and experience. 

About the 75 hour Certificate Program:

Our Oncology Yoga training is required for any yoga professional who aims to provide safe and effective yoga interventions for cancer patients and survivors. Certification is often a required qualification in hospitals and cancer centers for both yoga teachers and therapists.

This renowned 75 Hour Oncology Yoga Certificate Program is delivered online & via distance learning with carefully constructed videos, assignments, webinars, homework, practice, quizzes, discussion, mentor support and more. The program format is designed for busy worldwide yoga professionals who want to gain certification to safely and effectively support cancer survivors.

The evidence-based approach developed by Tari Prinster has trained over 3,000 professionals who are working in hospitals, cancer centers, yoga studios, homes and online. 

This advanced training is recommended for experienced, certified yoga teachers or yoga therapists with at least 200 hours of foundational training and 1 year of teaching experience. 

Review more details about yoga4cancer Oncology Yoga Certificate Program here.

What is the difference between the standard Certificate Program and the pilot Certificate Self-Study Program?
Certificate Program
Tuition – $1,899
Self-Study Certificate Program - Pilot
Tuition – $1199*
What is a Pilot Program?

A Pilot program is to evaluate the interest, requirements, delivery, and outcomes. To evaluate the program all participants will be asked to evaluate and provide feedback. Also, there might be elements that are clunky and require improvement. 

This Self Study Certificate Program will maintain the highest level of quality and if any point the administrator believe changes are required to improve the learning process for trainees (and ultimately the cancer patients and survivors they serve) they will update the community.

The goal with all our work is to ensure achievement of our vision that: ‘Oncology Yoga is prescribed and available to all those touched by cancer, regardless of the economic, social, racial, or geographic barriers they may face.’  Therefore, providing the best certified Oncology Yoga teachers worldwide is paramount. 

During the pilot program, if a participant identifies that they need additional support there will be several options provided. Additional fees will be required:

  1. Transfer to the standard program – starting in Jan 2025. The participant will have to pay the different in tuition but no transfer fee will be required.
  2. Mentor Support – There will be options to get 121 support by a mentor for a package or an hourly fee. They will be announced at registration. 
  3. Technical or Administrative support

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that any participant completes the training and becomes certified in Oncology Yoga. We will aim to support you as much as possible. 

Who should consider the 'Self Study' Certificate Program?

Individuals who…

  • are self motivated and disciplined.
  • have strong computer and technical skills.
  • have experience with online learning programs.
  • do not require significant community engagement or discussion to learn.
  • attempt to find answers before asking for help.

Not individuals who…

  • learn best with group interaction.
  • require external structure to achieve deadlines.
  • get overwhelmed with technology.
  • often request individual help or support.
  • just looking to reduce tuition costs.

If the Self-Study Pilot sounds like a program built for you, please apply by August 1st. Upon review of the application, we will communicate to all those interested and progress with registration.  

Apply by August 1st​