Research – New and Exciting!

There has been numerous new research studies and findings that validate our yoga4cancer methodology and approach.  We wanted to share with you:

  • Gentle yoga is not enough. Active yoga (and exercise) is necessary for cancer survivors and patients.  ‘Mice who spent their free time on a running wheel were better able to shrink tumors (a 50% reduction in tumor size) compared to their less active counterparts. Researchers found that the surge of adrenaline that comes with a high-intensity workout helped to move cancer-killing immune (NK) cells toward lung, liver, or skin tumors implanted into the mice. The study appears Feb. 16, 2016 in Cell Metabolism.’  Read more here.
  • ‘Meditation eases pain, anxiety and fatigue during breast cancer biopsy’ by Duke Cancer Institute. Read more here.
  • ‘Exercise during menopause could reduce hot flashes.’ Conducted by ‘Women’s Bio-behavioral Health Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh.  Read more here. 
  • ‘Yoga Shown to Boost Brain Power in Older Adults’ (from 2014 but still a good one).  By University of Illinois. Read more here.

That is just a few that have been circulating and we have shared on Facebook.  To be the first to know, make sure you follow us on Facebook (and ‘Get notifications’).

Also, all this research and loads more is reviewed and part of the yoga4cancer Teacher Training Program.  Learn more.


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