Testimonials – Certificate Program Graduates

Graduates of 2023 Program

I have been teaching yoga for 23 years and have taught cancer yoga classes since 2008.  This training has opened my eyes to rethink my sequences and seriously consider choosing the correct poses for the theme of the class.  I have already made some changes (of poses) in my classes.  I tend to inform/ educate my cancer students, but with the Y4C methodology, my teaching style was vastly improved. I am very happy with the Y4C training and encourage anyone wishing to teaching to this group to take this training.   Learn the proper sequences and safer poses. – Ann

Excellent, realistic and interactive course that gives you wholesome understanding of cancer from scientific and holistic approach. Learning from many mentors who have had real life experiences and it is just theoretically but actual knowledge and facts. – Soak (Vietnam)

Yoga 4 Cancer is THE Oncology Yoga certification to get.  It truly educates you so much on everything you need to know to safely work with and understand cancer patients and their needs.  I absolutely adore this program and recommend this to anyone passionate about helping cancer patients in a unique way. – Mariana

If you’re considering teaching yoga to individuals affected by cancer, this oncology yoga program is an excellent step to further your education! I’ve learned so much that helps me to foster a safe, creative, and supportive environment when teaching yoga. – Stanley

This program offers a comprehensive grounding in issue faced by the Oncology population and how to address these issues. There is absolutely the space for this learning to be absorbed into any discipline or Yoga Lineage without straying from the authentic practice of that lineage. It is a clear and simple, scientifically based, well presented program for Yoga teachers. – Tamara

Talking to a perspective student:
1. You will gain an incredibly deep knowledge of the “Science of Yoga”
2. You will have an amazing manual to guide you and be a lifetime resource for you as you develop your own Y4C program
3.You will explore many things about yourself relating to hearing and saying the word cancer. and speaking of it clearly using your own teaching style
4.You will have access to your mentor, the IT staff, and on line learning materials that will be instrumental to your learning experience
5. You will meet and be inspired by your peers.
6. This is a life changing educational experience – Judi

The Yoga4Cancer Oncology Teacher Training was an enriching and transformative experience for me as an experienced yoga teacher. The in-depth training covered the science behind yoga for people touched by cancer, providing valuable insights.
The well-prepared modules and the team’s mindfulness made the journey even more rewarding. However, for those starting to teach yoga, it may be challenging due to the assumption of prior yoga and anatomy knowledge.
Despite the demands, the training was well worth it. My teaching evolved, and I feel confident supporting cancer patients during their yoga practice. I highly recommend this program for its life-changing impact. Thank you! – Valérie

The Yoga 4 Cancer methodology of Oncology Yoga provided a medically-informed approach to enhance my training so that I can safely support students in active cancer treatment or in survivorship. Kimberly Oncology Yoga is precisely about guiding a practitioner to be their own healer. If we say that Western medicine fixes problems that arise and Eastern medicine prevents problems from appearing (“a good doctor has no patients”), Oncology Yoga is where those health modalities dovetail. Bliss is an ever-present topic of Yoga philosophy, but bliss can be an empty promise. It’s something else to share movements that ease someone’s physical suffering so that they feel healthier (subtly or not so subtly) in their body and, therefore, their body-mind. – David

I started Y4C because I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastasis breast cancer and I wanted to learn how to do yoga safely for myself during all the treatments and the body changes that were happening to me so rapidly. I was confused and hurt and I was looking for a way out to cope with all the changes therefore I seecked Yoga4Cancer for help. Little did I know the amazing journey I was embarking on. The Y4C methodology and the instructors not only helped me cope with my pain, my body changes, my depression and anxiety, but also gave me confidence that I can help others too. The path of this training was a life changing experience for me. The program was very well balanced between the science, the poses, the emotional and physical areas of learning. The way it was structured, the quizzes, the worksheets, helped me see and feel who I really am and who I want to be, brought peace into my daily cancer routines, and peace with myself and life in general.
The Instructors are amazing people that made me realize how much compassion and kindness is out there in the world. I did not intend to take this course to teach yoga, but now I too want to help and inspire others, I too want to inspire people with yoga and how amazing changes it can make in the body, mind, and spirit.  – Fljorina

The Y4C program is evidence-based and data driven. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of cancer and its common symptoms and side effects, the science of yoga, and how to optimize yoga for this complex population. At the end of the training, you’ll feel confident and comfortable working with people who have cancer in a safe and effective way. – Laura

I would tell them how important it is to learn the science behind the Y4C method and how important it is to know what poses are useful and the whys of those that should not be taught.  I would tell them the importance of the words that you choose and how much I learned from taking this class.  It was really a life changing experience and I do not think anyone should teach cancer patients without it. –Patricia

I am a local yoga teacher in Dayton, Ohio,  and a recently diagnosed breast cancer patient. I have spent the last year going through cancer treatments, including a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy.  I came across  Yoga4cancer early on in my diagnoses when looking for information on how I could modify my practice to continue to practice safely during treatments and to help me manage side effects. I found Tari’s book at my local library, and on one of the first pages was her quote about cancer taking your breath away, and yoga giving it back. It resonated with me, and I looked her up online for more information.  I saw that there was online training starting that very month.  I signed up right away thinking it would give me something else to focus on during this year full of doctor appointments and cancer treatments. I have learned so much through this course about the science of cancer and yoga, and how important and necessary movement is to survivor-ship. I can’t wait to introduce the yoga4cancer methodology to my community. With my Oncology Yoga certificate, I believe I can provide a safe space for people who are currently in treatment as well as those post treatment who are learning how to live with the diagnosis and changes to their bodies. –Maggie

Yoga 4 Cancer’s oncology yoga is an excellent training program to obtain the specialized training required to meet the specific needs of people impacted by cancer, from diagnosis through survivorship. The extensive knowledge, professionalism, and compassionate work put into this training to create a safe, effective and evidence-based methodology is top-notched! – Kenya

To a new student of the Y4C course I would say that you have made a good choice by enrolling in the course. To expect that it won’t be “a walk”, because the material to study is not little, but it is very very interesting and stimulating. To be open to listening to the experiences of teachers and “travel” companions and will come out enriched both in terms of skills and internally as a person. – Cristiana

The Oncology Yoga teacher training program by Yoga4Cancer is not only the best yoga practice for cancer patients and survivors, but it is absolutely the best yoga training I’ve ever participated in throughout my 20+ years studying, practicing, and teaching yoga.
Thank you all for this fantastic training program. I loved every minute of it – and especially getting to know the Y4C team a bit more. A friend introduced me to Tari years ago – and I’m so happy that it finally worked out for me to take this certification program. I can’t wait to teach Yoga4 Cancer! – Erin

Oncology yoga training with Tari Prinster and the y4c team is incredibly instructional in preparing teachers to understand the treatments for cancer, the common long-lasting side-effects of those, and how to prepare and teach safe and effective active practices for people touched by cancer.  More than that, it channels compassion into appropriate and effective listening & presence—and action when necessary.  It equips teachers with skills, practice modifications and techniques that can also be quite helpful & beneficial to many older, injured, and non-bendy students we find in our yoga classes today. – Nancy

Yoga4cancer is highly recommended for yoga students who have been diagnosed with breast cancer; pre, during, or post diagnosis.  In class we are taught safe ways to do yoga for our condition.  We avoid poses that might not suit us during this time in our live.  There are many benefits to doing yoga for breast cancer patients. Rhonda As I have mentioned so many times now, this program was exactly what I was looking for and I gained so much more valuable education, teaching that even I could have anticipated.   This program helped empower me in my own journey and I’m grateful I’ll be able to help those in my community and be a part, even if a small part, of their cancer journey. – Cheryl

I have been teaching yoga for 23 years and have taught cancer yoga classes since 2008.  This training has opened my eyes to rethink my sequences and seriously consider choosing the correct poses for the theme of the class.  I have already made some changes (of poses) in my classes.  I tend to inform/ educate my cancer students, but with the Y4C methodology, my teaching style was vastly improved. I am very happy with the Y4C training and encourage anyone wishing to teaching to this group to take this training.   Learn the proper sequences and safer poses. – Ann

I learned to say the word cancer with confidence, without fear. They taught me to know all the benefits that yoga has in cancer patients and that in the long term it continues to be a benefit for all of them. Remember the importance of each of the body systems and how each system leads you to improve the side effects that occur both physically and mentally and emotionally. I appreciate each task and reading because when I read it and review it again in videos….makes me understand the subject better.
They always seek to answer your questions and learn new things that were not seen in the videos and make you think about what you would do in certain situations that would never have crossed your mind.
So I 100% recommend the certification and knowledge of each and every one of the teachers as well as their patience. I also thank the colleagues who opened their hearts and talked about their experiences and difficult moments, since you learn from all of this and it helps you to know what to do and what not to do, or what to say. Thank you! – Nicole

I would tell them that the program is brilliantly comprehensive, science/evidence based and addresses the most common side effects of cancer and cancer treatment in a trauma informed way. With this program it is possible to conduct a class with participants ranging in diagnosis, stage of treatment, age, gender…with skill. I will direct them to the integrity of the program: its tenure, foundational principles, research *White Papers, credentials of instructors, the network of instructors worldwide. – Sigrid

The Yoga4cancer Teacher Training is a comprehensive, well researched and supportive environment in  which to explore the specific needs of oncology care in order to benefit cancer survivors in the best ways possible. Pam That’s a perfect training that I have in my yoga journey learning.

It’s not only about yoga but also about knowledge of Cancer, about sympathy & how to build compassion as well. And for this reason, I’ve learned how to takecare  of my health and how to support other cancer patients in my family. Huyen I feel the yoga4cancer certificate training program was well-organized, professional, and very thorough and comprehensive. I feel well-prepared to teach oncology yoga safely and confidently. Tari and the rest of the yoga4cancer team were excellent and helpful. Heather Yoga 4 Cancer has empowered me with the confidence to share the healing benefits of yoga to both cancer patients and survivors. This transformative program has deepened my understanding of how yoga can positively impact individuals facing cancer, allowing me to construct sequences that prioritize both safety and effectiveness. Armed with this newfound knowledge and skill set, my aspiration is to extend support to as many patients as possible on their journey to wellness. Alice Come curious; be prepared for a deep dive; ask questions; and embrace the mission. Our communities will be enriched when oncology yoga becomes prescribed and available to all who have been touched by cancer. Sandra Provided testimony at end of 55 hr course. Loved this course overall! Melinda I throughly enjoyed this course having completed previous training. feels like I have more confident to share yoga with fellow cancer patients. Thank you for getting this together. Norie Tari is a master teacher and is the expert in Oncology Yoga. This program is her passion.  A yoga teacher becomes a yoga professional in Oncology Yoga when  certified.  The student learns the science of yoga, science of cancer and the side-effects of treatment. More importantly how this program supports the cancer patient. If  you are not a cancer survivor, you will learn from those who are. I highly recommend this course and feel that I have become more effective with my teaching skills from this certification. Linda This program was a great mix of the science and cognitive processing needed to have a foundation, and the live events were the structure around which everything came together.  Highly recommend! Julie You will learn how much you don’t know by taking this class. Understanding how many people can benefit from yoga makes you think it should be taught/offered everywhere.  When people tell you that practicing yoga saved them, you should believe them. Getting training for this specific group of people will add to any class you teach. You never know who will walk into your class and set out a mat. Lauren I would say that it was thoughtfully developed and filled with great information. – Jean

The y4c certification program is worth enrolling in and I highly recommend it. Completed my 55hr and now upgrading to 75hr. I liked that the course included step-by-step topics, exercises, quizzes, assignments, and tutorials. The 75hr certificate program also exceeded my expectations in many regards, especially in the depth of information supplied and the access to the live events. Also, discussing and making connections with program mates from all over the world was enriching, and made us deem the possibility of addressing various issues. It was a great experience for me and it’s time to apply the knowledge that I have gained through Tari and the team for those in need. Saangetha

Jump in- be ready to learn.  You may feel uncomfortable in parts where you are ‘unlearning’ what you have learnt – don’t shy away from this, invite it in and be forever changed! –Rayna

I was so impressed with how up-to date and evidence-based the foundation of the course was and how well-prepared and informed the program supported us in becoming.  The learning tools were effective and well-designed. – Anne

This program is not ‘just’ for learning to teach yoga to cancer patience and survivors. It is a journey into oneself; especially as a cancer survivor. It awakened my commitment to bring it to cancer patience and survivors — a fire that has been kindled with the program and will never be extinguished. – Sabine

In fact I have and been telling students to take this class which is very methodically programmed and takes you step by step through the modules and then the quizzes and accompanied with videos and live events. Giving opportunity in the Q&A to ask questions , discuss and get the feedback from  Tari and the mentors. – Meena

Yoga4cancer’s Oncology Yoga training provided me with a comprehensive understanding of cancer, its treatments, and the specific needs and challenges faced by cancer patients. I learned how to adapt yoga practices to suit different stages of cancer treatment, accommodating physical limitations and addressing emotional and mental well-being. The depth of knowledge and practical tools I gained during the training empowered me to create safe and nurturing spaces for cancer patients to explore yoga.
I highly recommend the Oncology Yoga training to any yoga teacher who is passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of cancer patients. It is an enriching and life-changing journey that will broaden your perspective, refine your teaching skills, and provide you with the tools to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. – Andie

Yoga4Cancer has taught me a few new innovative poses (Dirty T-shirt) to capture the attention of the oncology patient (mine loved the name!) and the belly rub in restful pose.  If you want to know how to get into teaching. Oncology yoga or want a refresher course to update your sequences from the same ol’ same ol’, look into Y4C!  You won’t regret it!! – Regina

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