Private Mentorship


We often have new teachers or past that need a refresher on the yoga4cancer Method and guidance on how best to provide a safe and effective Oncology Yoga intervention.  Or sometimes, a trainee or students learns better with some one to one support.  As such, we have created a mentor program that pairs our most Senior yoga4cancer Teachers with motivated students.

This goal of this mentorship program varies based on the individual but often is used in conjunction with the Certificate Program to support a trainees success in the program.

What’s included: 

  • Three 45 minute dedicated online video Mentor sessions. Includes session recordings.
  • Teaching Practicum evaluation and feedback
  • Access to yoga4cancer practices (either by the mentor or other on demand or live options)

This program is not included in any other tuition costs and besides a small administration fee goes to pay for the senior teachers’ time.

Upon registration, the yoga4cancer Team will connect you with the mentor based on your goals and needs. If you have any questions, please contact us at