Exclusive Offer on 75 Hour Program

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After nearly 20 years, the yoga4cancer Certificate Program expanded to 75 hours in 2023. This evolution was long overdue.

The 75 Hour program includes:

  • The latest research on both cancer and yoga
  • Up to date cancer treatment protocols with potential side effects
  • Enhanced program materials including a +260 page manual
  • Extensive poses, sequences, meditation and modification support
  • Trauma informed language, assignments and resources
  • Research Literacy Discussion and Assignments
  • Guidance and research on Applying your Oncology Certification
  • Evolved assignments to ensure comprehension and execution
  • +20 hours of interactive, engaging live events
  • 1 on 1 Mentor session with senior yoga4cancer Teacher
  • 75 hours of CEUs with Yoga Alliance or IAYT

Click the image to download the Curriculum.

The 75 Hour yoga4cancer Certificate Program is delivered fully online & via distance learning with carefully constructed videos, assignments, 20 hours of live events, homework, practice, quizzes, discussion, mentor support and more. The format is designed for busy worldwide professionals. The 2024 program is conducted over 6 months starting January 15th 2024. 

Many of our existing teachers – nearly 3,000 in over 20 years – want and need to refresh their training to maintain a high level of care, awareness and efficacy in the field of Oncology Yoga. We fully support this goal, as we seek to achieve our vision to provide safe and effective Oncology Yoga to cancer patients and survivors worldwide.

Therefore, we have provided the training at cost – with a +40% discount or $700 off – for our Certified teachers.

Save $700. Register by January 10th:
  1. Review the below feedback from prior Certified Teachers who have participated in the extended program.
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Testimonial by 2023 Program Participants:

‘The y4c certification program is worth enrolling in and I highly recommend it. Completed my 55hr and now upgrading to 75hr. I liked that the course included step-by-step topics, exercises, quizzes, assignments, and tutorials. The 75hr certificate program also exceeded my expectations in many regards, especially in the depth of information supplied and the access to the live events. Also, discussing and making connections with program mates from all over the world was enriching, and made us deem the possibility of addressing various issues. It was a great experience for me and it’s time to apply the knowledge that I have gained through Tari and the team for those in need.’ Saangetha

“My name is Meena and I am a registered nurse with 20+ years of experience in the field, of which 16 were dedicated to Oncology. I no longer work in the hospital or outpatient setting. My dream was to transition into a field from where I could continue to help patients, especially cancer patients. Coming from India, where yoga has been practiced for centuries, my thought was to adopt yoga as a way of helping people. Over the past few years, I have managed to become a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT) and a trained yoga for cancer teacher. Today, I am able to help people, including cancer patients, from a non-medical field, and this has been extremely gratifying to me. My original 45-hour training with Tari Prinster in 2019 followed by subsequent 55- and 75-hour trainings played a key role in this transition.

I first took the yoga for cancer course through Tari Prinster in 2019, which was a 45-hour program online. However, as you all know we were supposed to do that practicum in person, but due to the pandemic this became quite normal for everyone. Coming from a nursing background, I always wanted something more that could help patients deal with the side effects of various treatments. Tari’s 45- hour yoga for cancer classes opened my eyes and taught me ways to help cancer patients as they deal with the side effects of medical treatments. I also realized during these classes that there were concepts that I wanted to dedicate more time to, therefore I took Tari’s 55-hour training session, which not only reinforced my learning, but also introduced me to new material that strengthened my overall skill base. In these additional sessions, I enjoyed the discussions during live events. Since I do not come from a teaching background, the many mentors who led those classes gave me tips and ideas for how to lead my own classes and instruct students.

After having taken the aforementioned courses, I began to teach, but was eager to learn more. Therefore, when Yoga4Cancer offered a new 75-hour program with an option to audit the courses, I realized that this would entail additional material that I could use in my practice and did not hesitate in joining. In line with my expectations, this course was both a refresher and an introduction to new material not covered in the earlier programs, such as one module dedicated to the helping cancer patients deal with the trauma of their treatment. With that 75-hour course, Tari and her colleagues found the ideal formula for their Yoga4Cancer program. The course covered a variety of subjects, including videos, live discussions, and demos classes, and our time was always well used. 75 hours is the perfect amount of time to prepare new instructors to go out and teach their own courses. In fact, I believe that even more experienced instructors should be required to take this course again – or a version of it – to continue their educations and re-certify every few years to teach.

I wholeheartedly recommend Yoga4Cancer for anyone looking to certify as a yoga instructor and work with cancer patients. Tari’s programs are well thought-out and carefully executed to include all the information and methods needed for teachers to be successful in their own classes. She has worked tirelessly to modify yoga poses to better serve the unique physical, mental, and emotional needs of cancer patients, and that is the key to the success of her program. She encourages us to educate our students and make them accountable for themselves and their health. This kind of yoga practice not only strengthens their immune system, but prevents infection, reduces stress and anxiety, and most importantly, gives them a sense of empowerment. These in turn help to enhance their overall quality of life and well-being, which is the type of yoga instructor that I have always strived to be.” – Meena

Results of 2021-2022 Participants

Over 50 Existing Certified Teachers have re-certified in the past 3 years. Below is a sample of what they have said…

Improvement on Key Training Goals and Comprehension

A key measure of success for any participant is to ensure that learning objectives and key comprehension elements are achieved. Each of these are self reported based on improvement of key goals.

  • All measures showed a significant improvement ranging from 75% to 81%.
Question: ‘Please indicate if your understanding of the below improved during the training.’

Some reflections on the most liked or beneficial elements:

  • “The videos demonstrating the methodology. The way they were conducted included rationale, practice and benefit. My favorite area was the lymphatic system. I also highly valued the Zoom sessions. They were an opportunity to connect with and discuss material and practice that material along the way. Connecting with yoga teachers interested in oncology yoga was an introduction to the oncology yoga teacher community.”
  • “That the classes have a ‘theme’. It’s not just a regular cancer yoga class and introduce metaphors and education/ information on the subject of the theme that they’ll be practicing. For instance, introduce the theme of the class is to avoid the side effects of lymphedema- weave the info throughout the class.”
  • “I appreciated all the new practices and the small-group sessions with our peers and mentor to try-out our teaching practices as we moved through the training.Also, the practicum. I loved researching a side-effect we are not so familiar with. I had a nice rough draft and then decided that another side-effect would be more of a challenge for me because I really haven’t had anyone tell me they experience it. So I started over with that. I really enjoyed the research, learning about how this affects students and how yoga is proven beneficial in reducing its effect, then coming up with appropriate poses and practices for the sequence and thinking about the transitions. I have way more material than I needed for the required 20 minutes that I can use in new combinations for many classes to come.”
  • “I truly enjoyed the varied learning aspects of the program.  I believe that this is the strength of the program – the ability to learn in various modes, interact in various modes, replay lessons, re-take yoga practice classes through re-play and the chance to interact in person with Tari, the staff and the mentors.  You have added a great deal of interaction to the program since I  took the online/in-person hybrid original training in 2019 (NYC).  Excellent revisions and additions!”
  • “I loved the updated manual!  It was very thorough and helpful!  I also loved all of the live events.  I took the NYC training in 2019. Having the live events helped to feel more connected, which I was worried about since it was not in person.”
  • “I enjoyed the classes! It was great to see the methodology put into practice, in different ways.”
  • “I loved the classes with Clare!   Watching and doing yoga was so good in my understanding proper breathing and movement.”
  • “My favorite and most beneficial in the program was meeting on line more frequently than before, live class from the mentor, actually felt like a y4c teachers community . After certifying for the first time in 2020, this was my re-certification , I felt a lot more at ease, confident and also as I have been helping ca survivors , this time it validated my thoughts and the way I teach. I Liked the Q&A sessions and all the mentors participating to help other y4c teachers really was wonderful.”
  • “practicing with the videos I loved it and also the tari classes are beautiful”
  • “As in the live training, the “costume” practice was a breakthrough. This is because we don’t have more than a superficial understanding of cancer side effects unless we live them directly. The costume training is brilliant in getting as close as can be to be a cancer survivor/patient.”

Additional background on the 75 hour Certificate Program for existing yoga4cancer Teachers:

  • Tari’s training program has existed for nearly 20 years. In that period, there has been significant developments in yoga and cancer research, cancer protocols and recommendations, observed application to thousands of cancer patients and survivors, advances in technology and teaching pedagogy. The program has slowly evolved over that period and, frankly, was bursting at the seams of the 45 hour container. The evolved program still stands on an evidence-based foundation, but utilizes advancements in science and research to provide the best quality training.
  • Oncology Yoga has Emerged. We’ve said it before: cancer patients and survivors need yoga, but not all yoga is the same. The needs of survivors are different. yoga4cancer was created to fill a gap in both the communities of yoga and cancer care. Now, almost two decades later, Tari and yoga4cancer continue to lead a movement that substantializes the methods of delivering the benefits of yoga to cancer patients and survivors globally.
  • Every training element has been upgraded. The new content of this program is not an add-on to what has existed before. Rather, everything has grown and evolved. While our foundation remains the same, we have made significant renovations! Therefore, it is required that individuals participate in the entire program from beginning to end to ensure comprehension. We have learned that the online program completed over the 6 month period supports an optimal learning experience while providing dedicated support for all participants. We have seen a substantial increase in the quality of applicants and graduates of the program. Without a doubt, the program today is significantly better, easier to navigate, and longer than the program from 5, 10 or 15 years ago.
  • How different is the 75-hour from past programs? Just like the practice of yoga, delivering a certificate program is also a practice. Over time, it evolves to become wiser and stronger. For those who have taken a version of our program with an online component, that experience will feel familiar as you navigate the new modules and materials. The online training modules are more streamlined and user friendly. The y4c Team is also more accessible and the program is supported by the Team, Tari and her cohort of Training Mentors. Over the course of 6 months, we host live and interactive events that will feel like we are in the same room together, even as we span the globe! So, those who participated in programs with in-person components will not miss the networking, sharing and connection we still create together. The content of the program has significantly improved with expanded online training modules that include demonstration videos, lectures, assignments and tools. The Manual has expanded to include over 30% more material and resources. Individuals will receive more personal mentorship and feedback on practice teaching than we’ve ever been able to provide, even during our in-person programs.