Topic #7.3 – Getting Started!

We are committed to providing resources to our trained teachers community.  The better informed and well-connected our teachers.. the more cancer survivors we can all help. Together, we are better!

Leverage your specialized training:

  • Certification – Upon completion of this program, you will automatically be able to download your certificate in your Profile.
    • Remember if you see the Green button, you have completed the program.  If you don’t see green, you have missed something.  Please hit Expand All to confirm what might have been skipped.  Once everything is complete, you will see a certificate icon such as this.  Just click to download.
  • Use your certification to apply for your Yoga Alliance credits or for IAYT Approved Professional Development (APD) credits.
  • Upon completion, you will be provided the opportunity to be listed in our Find a Teacher tool that will connect you with cancer survivors and caregivers everywhere. Your Profile Settings will drive the accuracy of the information provided to cancer survivors others.  So please make sure to follow instructions on how to update your profile.
  • Talk about your specialized training to your students.  Give them to the reassurance. Give them the facts. Arm them with your knowledge.
  • Once you have received your certificate you can refer to yourself as
    • ‘yoga4cancer’ trained
    • ‘yoga4cancer trained with Tari Prinster’
    • Or use it with your name and RYT post-script.  eg Tari Prinster, eRYT, y4c

Exclusive Resources:

Upon certification and completion of this program, you will have access to Exclusive Resources section in your Profile. This is¬†only¬†visible once you have completed the program by hitting ‘Mark Complete’ below.

Current Exclusive Resources tools:

  • Basic Marketing Tools
  • Listing Opportunities on
  • yoga4cancer Proposal and White Paper
  • Continuing Education Webinars
  • Grant Opportunities
  • Ways to get involved.

Stay Connected

Facebook Trained Teachers Forum – This closed group is your forum to connect with other teachers from around the world and to connect with us.  We share opportunities (grants, classes, trainings etc) and we hope that you share your news, opportunities or questions amongst your fellow y4c trained teachers. The ultimate aim is to provide the best support we can to the cancer community everywhere. So we do request that you focus on topics on this relate to yoga for cancer.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please be sure to answer the questions about where your training was conducted.  This enables us to easily track who are legitimate teachers (e.g. we are getting loads of requests.)  Join us today!

Trained Teachers Webinars: We have regular webinars for our Trained Teachers community.  All webinars are recorded and distributed for the community for flexibility. To register and participate in future webinars, please look out for emails and Facebook Events via the private group page.

YouTube – Based on feedback from our students (both survivors and yoga teachers) we have uploaded videos of poses, information and other good tidbits for your use.  Please feel free to use, share etc!  Join our YouTube channel.

Get more training & support

First, don’t forget that you have access to the Online Training system for another 4 weeks. Review the content, your work and other elements as needed or required.

And don’t forget to ‘Mark Complete’.

That will drive both your Certification and your access to other resources!