Topic #6.7 – Exercise: Are you ready?

1) ‘Are You Ready?’ Exercise

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the following Role Play video, Tari presents various characters and student interactions that you may face as a yoga4cancer Teacher. Each character and interaction is inspired by real students and conversations that Tari has experienced over the past 2 decades. They have been carefully selected to highlight some of the most challenging questions or concerns that students bring to class. This exercise has been incredibly well received and invaluable to our programs throughout the U.S. However, as we continue to grow our training programs globally, we recognize that some of these personalities may not be culturally relevant across the globe, or that some examples may be offensive. Our goal is to be aware and responsive to any confusion or discomfort that this exercise may create, and to adjust our programming accordingly, so we can continue to teach and inspire. If you have any strong feelings, positive or negative, please let us know

2) Writing Assignment: ‘Are You Ready?’ Reflections

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3) Reading Assignment: Losing a Student.

Please read this article by Tari in response to a yoga4cancer Teacher asking for special advice.