Topic #6.3 – Practicum Sharing and Reflections Part #1

In this section, we learn some of the best lessons by observing others. There is no judgment here, only learning opportunities and support among peers.

The recent worldwide outbreak of the new coronavirus presented us with a challenge to be creative, and to use our tools at-hand. Ideally, we would love for you to learn and share with each other. However, we also want to support the programs that were intended to complete in March and April. While we must extend the duration of these programs, we can do our best to keep moving forward with integrity.

For this reason, this next assignment is a review of Teaching Practicum Assignments from our Pilot Online Certificate Program. We have permission to share the following practicum videos. The included videos are only a selection of the larger training group.

Here’s how we made our selections:

  • The objective was not “Best in Show” but rather examples of essential, fundamental elements of the methodology. We are practicing non-judgment and hope you do the same.
  • Our goal is to give you the opportunity to see Practicums different than your own. They are presented in the following order and each are labeled:
    1. Finding Stillness & Warm-Up Vinyasa
    2. Movement Module
    3. Balance Module
    4. Dissolving Body Awareness, Sunset and Closing

1) Video Review Assignment:

  • Share in your peers’ practicums by participating in this selected playlist.
  • The playlist practice and accompanying written assignment will take approximately 90 minutes.
  • Make notes as you watch as if you were a student or survivor. From that perspective, what would they experience?
  • Stop the playlist at any time to take notes. Review the playlist as many times as you need in order to complete the accompanying written assignment.
  • The participants in this Pilot come from a variety of yoga lineages, countries, cultures and languages. This gives us an opportunity to learn and explore as we apply our varied interpretations of the practicums, examine the Methodology and learn from each other.
  • Video production varies significantly so some videos you will have to increase your volume and others not.
  • Please download the following document to reference each of the featured Practicum Assignments. Notice the assigned side effect and immune system ‘system’. Video Review_Featured Practicum Assignments

2) Written Assignment:

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