Program Community Forum

Please join the yoga4cancer Teacher in Training Forum on Facebook.

The objective of this private Facebook forum is to create community and connection for the Online Program. It will also provide ongoing support and guidance from the yoga4cancer Team and Training Mentors, who will be monitoring and answering questions.

Please note there are rules for participation and posting. For example, no content beyond the yoga4cancer Program will be allowed (no posting events or promotional information). We also want to encourage positive, constructive engagement. We will delete any content that we feel doesn’t align with our program curriculum and objectives.

UPDATE: Some people have had a problem finding and / or connecting to the group. Below are some tips:

Upon the completion of your Certificate program, you will be allowed access to another large, interactive Facebook Group for all yoga4cancer Trained Teachers worldwide. It’s an excellent resource and community building tool. Please note we only accept your participation into that group after completion of the training program and certification.

Not on Facebook?

We understand and respect your decision. Sadly, this is the best way to manage this type of interaction for the program at this time. We have found it useful with other programs. One option for those who don’t have a personal account is to set up a specific account for this program and join with that account. Others have done that and it has been helpful without the negative impacts Facebook may present.