Teaching Practicum Details

A vital part of the yoga4cancer Online Certificate Program is being able to assess each individual’s ability to deliver the methodology and to provide specific feedback to that demonstration or practicum. That practicum is at the end of the program and will be done through technology solutions.

For many, online learning is a new process and can be intimidating. Our goal is to make it as easy and effective for everyone. Plus these are skills that will help you post certification to provide support to clients. Below are a few details for you to consider:

  • Your final practicum will be 20 mins in length and the specific assignment will be provided in Topic #5.2. Prior to that assignment, the online program will lead you through various smaller topics to help you develop and evolve that practicum.
  • Your practicum will include a ‘student’ – a friend, family member or colleague. This person does not need to be a ‘cancer survivors or patient.’ The objective is to understand your ability to demonstrate the method. Due to COVID-19 outbreak, we need to be mindful of the health and wellbeing of our cancer community or other vulnerable populations. So we would encourage you to identify someone that is not vulnerable. If you are struggling to identify a participant / students, please send us an email.
  • Your practicum will be reviewed and individual feedback will be provided by your mentor. The schedule and timeline provided ensures that both you and your mentor have time to achieve your specific tasks.
  • The practicum should be recorded via a smartphone, tablet, computer or camera.
  • At least ONE practice recording is required and we will provide specific instructions on how to record to ensure your mentor is able to hear and see you.
  • The practicum will require that you upload a video to a cloud-based website like: YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive or another. Once it has been uploaded to a cloud-based system of your preference, you will be required to upload a unique URL of that video for review. If you are new to uploading a video to a cloud-based website, please review some suggestions here and set up an account. This will ensure easy delivery in future weeks.
    • Vimeo
    • Youtube
    • Google Drive
    • Zoom – for Paid Memberships (e.g. the basic/free membership does not allow you to upload to the cloud to make sharing easy.)