Getting Support

We are here for you and thus have several tools to provide quick and effective support. Since we are a small team supporting thousands of professionals, trainees and survivors, we request the use of provided resources as they were designed with you in mind.

1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PLEASE use this as your first step to getting support. A library of common questions or issues from past students are available to you so that you can immediately get support and answer questions. After 7 years of working with the online technology and offering this program, we have learned that almost all questions – especially the technical ones – are easily resolved without our intervention. Using these FAQs will help quickly and reliably.

Gain access to the FAQs by using the button below, or via the My Account menu.

2. Engage in Live Sessions

We will happily answer your questions, big or small, during these valuable live events. Your question might be something others will benefit from discussing as well! Please come prepared with your thoughts and questions.

3. Support System

There might be times when you will need individual and direct support. The Support system is located in the My Account menu.

When submitting a Support request, please remember the following:

  1. Be specific. We are good, but our mind-reading skills still are not perfect. If you are having an issue, provide details and screenshots to help describe exactly you are experiencing. ‘A link not working’ is not enough to investigate and resolve your issue. The specific details you provide will speed our response, require less follow-up questions and will likely use less of our collective time and resources.
  2. Confirm that you have reviewed the FAQs. If you confirm that you have reviewed the FAQs, it will help us identify the issue more quickly. Often, we refer to the FAQs first, as they adequately address any issue. For example, if you have reviewed the FAQ on how to ‘Watch a video‘ on Youtube and made sure your browser settings are allowing you to watch a 3rd party video, we do not have to ask you these things and we know that any other issue is unique and needs resolution.
  3. Do not reply directly to Emails! This includes the Support system email notifications of our responses. Please use the online Support system or ticket system to review our responses and follow-up with further questions if needed. Both our emails and yours tend to get lost and thus, questions or responses are lost, which causes frustration. This Support system is designed to help ensure quick, effective assistance.
  4. Confirm you are all set! We keep tickets open for 4 weeks after they have been raised but we would love to close them sooner if the issue or support need has been resolved. This ensures we are clear that you have received the support you require AND that we can move on to help others.