Module #6 – yoga4cancer Teaching Practicum


  1. Class as a Survivor– An exercise to experience the methodology from the perspective of cancer patients and survivors.
  2. Teaching Practicum – Submit a video recording of your Teaching Practicum. Reflect on your newfound knowledge and understanding and your ability to lead others in the yoga4cancer Methodology.
  3. Learn from Each Other – Participate in the Practicums of others to understand the 7 elements of a yoga4cancer class and to explore other sequences and modifications.
  4. Mentoring – An opportunity to get feedback and guidance from your Mentor.
  5. Are You Ready Exercise – An exercise to put you in the seat of a teacher and make sure you have some of the ‘softer’ skills of handling and implementing this new methodology and ensuring you are prepared to work with the cancer community.
  6. Practicum Discussion Webinar – An opportunity to share Practicum Feedback together!

Suggested amount of time to complete: 10-12 hrs