y4c.com is compromised.

Our small non-profit organization is sad to announce that our primary url and website – y4c.com – has been compromised. The current administrators are not our organization and are illegally operating.

Please do not use @y4c.com website or any emails associated with that domain.

Do not make any purchases via @y4c.com or elsewhere.

During this unprecedented and challenging, we will be operating a limited service or support as our small, volunteer team needs to focus on this situation.

Below is some additional guidance:

  • Do not use the website @y4c.com. 
  • Do not make any purchases or donations associated with yoga4cancer until further notice.
  • Make sure you review the source email carefully and only communicate with us via info@yoga4cancer.com.
  • Ignore and do not respond to any messages that you might receive from an email @y4c.com address. 
  • If you receive anything suspicious from an email @y4c.com address, please report it to us at info@yoga4cancer.com or via Facebook or Instagram.
  • Rest assured we are doing everything in our power to address the situation. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for your continued partnership and patience. 


Tari Prinster and the yoga4cancer Team