Payment Plan for the 75 Hour Certificate Program

$250.00 / month for 4 months and a $499.00 sign-up fee


One step at a time is all it takes, and paying for this vital training in installments may be an ideal way for you to achieve Certification in the important work of Oncology Yoga. For this reason, we offer the following payment plan for the 2024 Certificate Program to facilitate participation.

If you have not already, please review the full details of the 75 Hour Certificate Program. This page is designed for those who have already reviewed program specifics in detail and who are ready to commit to the program.

Total Tuition:
  • $1,499 on or before October 10th.
    • Early Registration Discount of $200 is applied on or before October 10th registrations. $50 is reduced from each of the 4 monthly payments.
Payment Plan Schedule:
  • Payment #1 –  $599 (on/before Oct 10th)
  • Payment #2 – $300 or $350 in November, automatically 1 month after October payment
  • Payment #3 – $300 or $350 in December, automatically 1 month after November payment
  • Payment #4 – $300 or $350 in January up to Jan 9th.

All payments must be received before January 10th to ensure on-time participation in the program starting on January 15th. Participants must have funds available to secure enrollment and to avoid other fees. Payments are automatically deducted monthly from the payment method based on the provided schedule.

This Payment Plan will no longer be offered after October 10th.